Labland Biodiesel is a Mysore based Private Limited Company. Since the year 2002, the Company is active in Biodiesel and Jatropha curcas-based Research and Development activities. 

The Company's main emphasis has been developing improved and newer varieties of Jatropha curcas needed for successful energy plantation globally. Development of pure line selections, hybrids, clonal selections and tissue culture based propagation of elite clones are the major thrust areas. The Company has set up an International Jatropha Technology Center to cater to the global demand for high quality planting material, proper agronomical technology for large scale cultivation of Jatropha curcas successfully, proper disease management methodologies, to impart training for the world community and other such allied activities. 

The Company is in collaboration with two International Biodiesel leaders for promoting plantation activity globally, and for setting up a highly advanced Biodiesel refinery at Mysore.


Latest Develpment -2022

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