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Labland Biotech Private Limited was floated as a Plant Science Company to find solutions to the growing needs of quality planting material, with a fully equipped tissue culture laboratory at Mysore, South India.  Over a period of years, Labland has emerged as one of India's few Companies possessing the high-tech know-how for plant propagation through tissue culture on a vast scale, and for improving and evolving new varieties of Horticultural crops, Plantation crops, Foliages and Ornamentals. 

Recognizing the urgent need for biofuels as an augmentation to petroleum oil in view of the looming global energy crisis and, the associated government polices being mooted to reduce the effect of global warming, Labland Biodiesel, a subsidiary was established in 2008, in order to diversify the activities into the field of biodiesel zeroing in on Jatropha curcas as the most suitable plant source for biodiesel production. Labland is committed to finding solutions to the urgent global needs of en mass production of improved planting material of Jatropha curcas by adopting advanced tools of plant science and biotechnology.

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